Located in Upper Bavaria, South Germany, Gauting has been known for skillful craftsmen since ancient times. At present, it retains a few home businesses, continuing the ancestral craft, making copper roofs, doors and accessories.

A few years after the end of World War II, people urgently needed safety. In 1950, a young man saw the business opportunity and started a hand Workshop in Gauting, a repair shop named after himself, replacing and repairing Windows and doors for nearby residents, selling and installing brand locks, witnessing the birth of a new brand Heinrich. Relying on warm and attentive Services and excellent quality, Heinrich constantly expanded its business, accepting customers' Orders, customizing wooden doors and copper doors as required, and making and installing locks.

In the late 1970s, with the rapid development of German economy, Heinrich failed to meet production and maintenance needs with its original Workshop, and therefore it purchased new plant and equipment on the outskirts of Kralling, further improving its design and product quality. It constantly applied new technologies to the structural design of locks and doors, having its product well received by users and its sales continuously expanded.

With the expansion of its sales and marketing area, it constructed a new Workshop in 2000. Relying on new CNC equipment, it ensured the precision of the door structure and locks, improving its production efficiency of new design styles. Heinrich began to have its products enter the markets of Eastern European and Asia. Heinrich has maintained its traditional family model in production, sales and Services, guaranteeing its stable development of products and Services. With the internationalization of its products and joining of new shareholders, Heinrich GmbH was established in 2013, making its development to a new high.

In order to provide customers around the world with faster and more convenient logistics Services, Heinrich GmbH moved to Germany's largest port city of Hamburg in 2015.