Energy-efficient heat-and sound insulation, extreme longevity. a variable design. and a fair price. are the undisputed basic properties of copper.

Combined with aluminium. you get high durability. Simple maintenance, and environmentally friendly recyclability. With our many years of experience and Jos latest technology we ensure that these properties can be found and displayed in our copper doors. And in this way give them their own face. In color, If you want.


Wood has always been known for warmth. comfort and quality of life. What could be better than to rediscover the original material for the construction of copper doors, and to use it? Pure or combined with the all-rounder aluminium. As a balance between high technology and nature. Perfectly integrated into every architecture. It invigorates you. With a harmonious atmosphere and comfortable living. Pure and simple. Elegant. Playful. Completely like you want it.