Code Keypad and Chip- Key SECCOR type ELT

All security-related components are located inside the door, protected from outside by a hardened steel armored plate. You can either open the door with your personal code and / or you use the Seo-oor digital key. You can change any of the 255 different codes or digital keys at any time you like with the programming key. Elegant design: avai-labe in a variety of finishes; brass, antique brass, stainless steel or mattnickelplatet.

Code Keypad/Chip-Key and MIFARE card SECCOR type-MIFARE

You can either open the door with your personal code and/or a transponder MIFPRE card (contactless chip card).



AYC-Qx4 series major functional
characteristics include:

•  Built-in card reader |125KHz ASK Modulation)
(applicable only tor i4 series]

•  Patented blue back lit keyboard

•  Optical back anti- tampering sensor and open controller anti-tampering output

•  Wrong input locking function (Malicious keys/tampering proximity card)

•  Internal buzzer providing audio response

•  Two states/Programming Interface Light (three-color)

•  Seated structure, suitable for outdoor use



Hinge function: Bearing a load of 150 kg. Number of opening time 150.000

3D adjustable hinge for specially equipped high- end door.

Ihre Tür soll nicht nur ein perfektes Design besitzen, sondern auch genügend fest sein, um die Sicherheit tu gewährleisten.

You apartment door should not only have a beautiful design. It has to be very robust and must have the high level of security. The heinrich door is made of thick and robust bonded panel. The aluminum frame is fitted with many security details, like revolving lock, safety lever and deadlock door will function for many years without problem.